A solid bridge towards the African continent


What We Do


Trade in a secure environment. Expose your product to the African Market


Let Green Lion give you local presence. We will be your country manager

Field Marketing

Design and execute the road to market strategy of your products


A modern approach to a traditional business

Informal and local markets in Africa are large, confusing, and full of opportunities! Green Lion helps you enter this exciting opportunity in the retail and wholesale African market.

We create a reliable and transparent framework for buyers and sellers

Green Lion helps you enter this exiting opportunity in the retail and wholesale African Market


They Trust Us


Already well established in Ghana, Don Simón needed to broaden its portfolio to fight increasing competition. Green Lion has helped Don Simón increase its product range and its market share.


JGC had little presence in the HORECA market in Ghana for certain brands of wine. Green Lion has developed and implemented a strategy to position the JGC brands in the main restaurants and hotels of the country.

Africa Driven Distributions

Africa is the fastest growing economy and demography in the world.
The Green Lion team has almost a decade of experience in Africa creating, developing and implementing brands for the African consumer.
The local presence of the Green Lion team is essential to achieve the objectives.